Upcoming Events

Since 1936, Shingle Inn has been renowned throughout Brisbane for our style and quality products. Now lovingly reconstructed within the Ground Floor of Brisbane's City Hall, we'd love you to welcome you at one of our upcoming events.

Book today by phoning the store on 3210 2904 or SI01410 - Combined  A day for Daniel 1200x1200 2click here.

WHAT: Day for Daniel

WHEN: Friday 25th Oct or Sunday 27th Oct, 9.30 am

WHERE: Shingle Inn City Hall

ENJOY: Children's High Tea - $20 of which $5 will be donated, Devonshire Tea - $20 of which $5 will be donated.


WHAT: Family Friendly MELBOURNE CUPMelbourne Cup Shingle Inn City Hall

WHEN: Tuesday 5th November, 12.30 pm

WHERE: Shingle Inn City Hall

ENJOY: Celebrate Melbourne Cup together this year at our Family Friendly event. Relax and enjoy a sumptuous high tea, complete with a glass of champagne. With a big-screen TV to watch the race and a goodie bag* to take home, plus sweeps and prizes, it's sure to be a winner for all the family.

COST: Grand Duke High Tea - $70 including the first glass of champagne, Kid's High Tea - $20 including decorate your own jockeyChildren's High Tea - $20 of which $5 will be donated, Devonshire Tea - $20 of which $5 will be donated.

*Goodie bag for ladies only.