Shingle Inn City Hall Panorama

Shingle Inn City Hall is currently closed

As a business with an 84-year history we’ve seen many challenges, but none quite like this one. Due to the COVID-19 crisis Shingle Inn City Hall has been forced to close. We’re a second generation family business though, and we’re fighting to remain relevant and operational during these unprecedented times.  As always, we love to hear from customers so if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our FB page at, and a member of the family will respond to you.

If you love our products, take a look at our online delivery initiatives below…







Brisbane’s oldest and most-loved café Shingle Inn has long been the backdrop of special occasions with family and friends. As a second generation family business we understand that connecting with family during this difficult time is very important. To that end, we have introduced a Brisbane delivery service so that your favourite Shingle Inn sweet and savoury treats can be delivered directly to your front door – or those of your parents & grandparents – plus we have a small range of products that can be posted – if you’d like to treat loved ones outside Brisbane with a special ‘care’ package. Visit to see what’s on offer.