Christmas Fruit Cake – Regular

$44.00$69.90 inc GST

Shingle Inn sells a range of traditional Fruit Cakes to suit any celebration you have planned. With options for iced on top, iced all over, uniced and Gluten Free, there’s something for everyone. Our Fruit Cakes are so dense with ingredients you’ll need to watch our ‘how-to-cut’ video to make sure you get a perfect slice of Fruit Cake every time.


Our regular sized Fruit Cakes are available in an array of options to suit your needs. Our Gluten free Fruit Cake is made with Gluten Free Ingredients as an option for the 25% of the population that are either celiac or choose to stay away from gluten. Check out our range of regular Fruit Cakes to find your perfect fit and remember to review our video for how to cut them properly.

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