Welcome to Shingle Inn City Hall
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Upcoming Events

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Our next special event is a Onesie Party!

Dress up in your PJs and head to Shingle Inn City Hall for some F.U.N!

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Try something new!

Shingle Inn’s new Baguette range is in-store for a limited time only!

Exclusive to Shingle Inn

Warm your heart with Shingle Inn’s exclusive apple, raspberry & custard tart, warmed to perfection, with a delicious scoop of creamy Bulla ice cream.

Welcome to Shingle Inn City Hall

Shingle Inn City Hall is the reincarnation of Brisbane’s oldest and most loved café. Originally opened in 1936 on Edward Street, Shingle Inn was well known for its superior quality cakes, unique environment and outstanding service.

Now within one of Brisbane’s most recognised buildings, City Hall, Shingle Inn continues its tradition as a location that can reach across the generational divide, making it the ideal location for special occasions and memorable outings.

A visit to Shingle Inn City Hall is top of the list of places to visit in Brisbane. Whether to take advantage of a cool, quiet spot for breakfast or lunch or treat yourself to the decadence of High Tea, Shingle Inn City Hall promises to be a Brisbane attraction that will leave lasting memories for you and whomever you decide to enjoy it with.

Shingle Inn City Hall Opening