Welcome to Shingle Inn City Hall
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Mothers Day High Tea
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Upcoming Events

We have a wonderful array of special events coming up, including

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Mad Hatter’s High Tea on Wednesday 7 July

Wizards Spectacular:     Sunday 30 July

Shingle Inn’s 10th Anniversary High Tea, Saturday 19 August

Do you want to book at special event at Shingle Inn City Hall? We can help you! Whether it’s a baby shower, special birthday or a fundraising High Tea, simply give Kathy a call at our Head Office on 07 3399 3000.

School Holiday FUN

Grab a crazy hat, your best friend or Granny and head into Shingle Inn City Hall for a memory-making experience these school holidays!

Join us!

Join us for a celebration as we take a trip down memory lane as part of our 10th Anniversary celebration at Shingle Inn City Hall. Here all about the highs & lows of the past 67 years and savour the memories of participating in a little touch of history at Brisbane’s oldest cafe.

Welcome to Shingle Inn City Hall

Shingle Inn City Hall is the reincarnation of Brisbane’s oldest and most loved café. Originally opened in 1936 on Edward Street, Shingle Inn was well known for its superior quality cakes, unique environment and outstanding service.

Now within one of Brisbane’s most recognised buildings, City Hall, Shingle Inn continues its tradition as a location that can reach across the generational divide, making it the ideal location for special occasions and memorable outings.

A visit to Shingle Inn City Hall is top of the list of places to visit in Brisbane. Whether to take advantage of a cool, quiet spot for breakfast or lunch or treat yourself to the decadence of High Tea, Shingle Inn City Hall promises to be a Brisbane attraction that will leave lasting memories for you and whomever you decide to enjoy it with.

Shingle Inn City Hall Opening