Welcome to Shingle Inn City Hall
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Gyros-style wraps now available
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Patty Cake Day - First Friday of every Month
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Churros Waffles now available!

Upcoming Events

Patty Cake Day
Friday 5th July

Daniel Morcombe Foundraiser
Throughout June

Patty Cake Decorating Party
Friday 5th July

Brisbane Open House Weekend
Sat 13th & Sun 14th July

Magical High Tea (Harry’s Birthday!)
Sunday 4th August

Special Events
Looking to host a special event? Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, or a fundraising High Tea, contact us to learn more: (07) 3399 3000.

Wrap it up!

Try our new Gyros-style wraps featuring succulent lamb or paprika chicken, paired with hot chips, cucumber, lettuce, red onion, tzatziki sauce and crumbly feta – available now!

Churros Waffles

Our new Churros Waffles are crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside and dusted with delicious cinnamon sugar. Pair it with your choice of either chocolate or caramel sauce.

Welcome to Shingle Inn City Hall

Shingle Inn City Hall is the reincarnation of Brisbane’s oldest and most loved café. Originally opened in 1936 on Edward Street, Shingle Inn was well known for its superior quality cakes, unique environment and outstanding service.

Now within one of Brisbane’s most recognised buildings, City Hall, Shingle Inn continues its tradition as a location that can reach across the generational divide, making it the ideal location for special occasions and memorable outings.

A visit to Shingle Inn City Hall is top of the list of places to visit in Brisbane. Whether to take advantage of a cool, quiet spot for breakfast or lunch or treat yourself to the decadence of High Tea, Shingle Inn City Hall promises to be a Brisbane attraction that will leave lasting memories for you and whomever you decide to enjoy it with.

Shingle Inn City Hall Opening