Daniel Morcombe Foundation

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation is a wonderful organisation whose vision is to create a future where all children and young people are provided with protection, education and support to be safe from abuse and risk of harm. It was established in honour of Daniel Morcombe himself by his parents Bruce and Denise after he was abducted and murdered at age 13.

They work with schools and communities to deliver education to over 260,000 students across Queensland and have visited over 1000 schools and communities across Australia. The red t-shirt Daniel was wearing the day he went missing has become a symbol of child safety awareness.

We are extremely honoured to be partnered with this amazing organisation.
In 2021 we are planning a special cuppa for Daniel Day in Brisbane’s CBD and where we will sell these t-shirt biscuits to raise money in support of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.


RizeUp is an incredible organisation that drives awareness of domestic violence by supporting families in their move to a life free from violence. They support specialist domestic violence organisations that work with families in immediate crisis including those whom are at the greatest risk of injury, homelessness or worse.

A family fleeing from a violent household will often enter refuge with nothing but the clothes on their backs. RizeUp support these families by furnishing their new accommodation and ensuring they have all that they need to call it ‘home’. They also support children in their healing process and ensure they are settled in their new schools.

To do this, RizeUp bring together communities, facilitate volunteers and make real, far reaching and practical contributions to these families. Shingle Inn is honoured to be a part of this wonderful cause.

In November of 2019, Shingle Inn supported RizeUp and the families they help through the 2019 Christmas Gift Appeal. Our values of family and community were shown in the great amounts of support we received within our network and through the donations we received from members of the communities in which our stores operate. We provided donation boxes to our network of stores which in turn, raised awareness and support for these families in need at this difficult time of the year. RizeUp surpassed their 10,000 gift mark which allowed them to give each child 4 beautiful gifts along with 3 or 4 stocking fillers and present the adults with 1 to 2 gifts each as well.

We are honoured to work with this amazing organisation and are so grateful to our wonderful Shingle Inn community for supporting this initiative.

RizeUp Logo

Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet is an iconic Queensland brand that has been around for over 60 years. It is a company that presents a variety of dance works throughout the year. They travel around Queensland as well as make interstate and international visits.

We have just entered our 7th year of our corporate partnership with this amazing brand and we look forward to the many years to come. With our combined history of over 140 years, this partnership utilises an enormous aspect of Queensland’s long and interesting history.

“We are honoured to be a small part of an exciting era for Queensland Ballet”- Andrew Bellchambers

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Museum of Brisbane

Museum of Brisbane is Brisbane City Council's leading art and history museum. It showcases the ever-evolving cultures and celebrates the history of the city.

As a business that has been around for 85 years, Shingle Inn is honoured to celebrate Brisbane's history with Museum of Brisbane.