Traditional Christmas Pudding (Large)

$34.00 inc GST

Shingle Inn’s traditional pudding is a favourite for many customers. With a rich and delicious taste, a slice will bring back memories of Christmas’ past. Enjoy the ease of presenting this iconic desert with rich flavours of a bygone era.

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Christmas Puddings are a long-held tradition since the 17th Century and Shingle Inn is honouring this tradition by using the original recipe from the original Shingle Inn Café in Edward Street. This delicious pudding packed with dried fruit and full of rum and brandy, has the power to transport you back to your childhood when Grandma had time to make it. Shingle Inn continue the tradition of hand-crafting our Christmas range, steaming our pudding in readiness to make your Christmas easy. Receive your pudding in a decadent red or green cloth and Shingle Inn ribbon – ideal as a gift or to adorn your own Christmas table.

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